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St. Patricks 2019 

Oh Aye, we know.  Its JUNE and we're just NOW posting about St. Pats? 

Well now, all we can say is....We've been busy mom, making a CD...and dealing with life in general.

So just what did we do on St. Pats, as its not listed in our past shows?

What a whirlwind!!!

It started the day before St. Patrick's.  We started off with our good friend Caity Wallace at the 'The Lobster and Bell' (formally known as 'The Wild Thistle') in Los Angeles.  We played several times for Caity when she owned the 'Wild Thistle'. It was like coming home in some ways.  It was day of celebration as Caity was moving off to Chicago, and so, we sent her off in style!  Lots of food, lots of friends, and it was a grand start.

On St. Patrick's Day, our first stop was church.  'Holy Nativity' Episcopal Church of Westchester, to bid a fond bon voyage to Father Peter, who has gone on to another parish in Whidbey Island. We will remember fond days of playing for Father Peter and we will miss him terribly.  And we hope he and his family will be happy at Whidbey Island.

Then it was off to 'GodMothers' in San Pedro.  San Pedro has always reminded us of San Francisco, on a small scale, driving up and down its hilly streets.  Shout out to friends, Peggy and Larry, who came by to see us for the first time.  It was slow going at first, but our music drew in those walking by and by the end of the afternoon, we had people dancing and celebrating, while we all ate corn beef and cabbage that our hosts were so kind to provide.  'GodMother's' is in one of the oldest buildings in San Pedro, in the historical district. 

And with a quick break down we were off to 'Joxers Daly'.

We've played Joxers a few times now.  They gave us a surprise, with a cleared off stage that gave our growing band new room to play.  As always our fans were dancing, singing along and enjoying every bit of the celebration.  A shout out to the lads doing security that night.  They helped us during the load in by standing shoulder to shoulder and keeping a path open for us through all the partiers in back.  Thanks very much guys, much appreciated.  We always enjoy Joxers Daly's, great staff, great place, good times.

We were exhausted when we finally packed it all up, but we all went home, happy.  Happy in playing music, happy in getting people up dancing and singing along.  We were happy our new songs and tunes were accepted with applause and yet, we were also bit sad as having to say good bye to Caity, and Father Peter. 

Ahhh, but life is about changing...nothing ever stays the same...

Still... ye cannae ask for more than that on a St. Patricks night!